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Open a FasTrak account online and have a ready-to-use toll tag mailed to you.

Already have a toll tag from a retail store? Begin the enrollment process by registering your tag. Once registered, you can start using your tag.

You will need a valid credit card to enroll online. If you want to fund your account by cash or check, regardless of whether you already have a tag or want to have one mailed to you, you’ll need to contact Customer Service for assistance setting up your account.

2. Mount Your Tag

Mount the tag to the inside of your vehicle’s windshield. Proper placement is key to ensuring your tag is recognized in the FasTrak lane.

Mounting Instructions

3. Use It

You’re ready to go! You can use your tag on all eight Bay Area bridges without having to stop at the toll plaza. Solo drivers can take advantage of the express lanes in Alameda and Santa Clara counties. Skip the line to the parking pay booth at the San Francisco International Airport. Take a road trip and enjoy the convenience of FasTrak on toll roads in Southern California, too. Happy driving!

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