Proper Toll Tag Mounting Information

As a FasTrak customer, you are responsible for mounting your toll tag properly. It must be mounted inside the vehicle at least 2" from top edge of windshield, horizontally, in the center behind mirror to ensure successful toll payment. Open the Vehicle Mounting Diagram below for alternative mounting locations.

FasTrak electronically collects tolls using a radio frequency system which “activates” your toll tag about 300 feet before the deduction is taken. Therefore, you cannot wait until the last minute to take the toll tag out of your glove compartment or wave it as you approach the toll plaza, since such actions interfere with the activation of the toll tag.

If your toll tag cannot be read, and you do not have your vehicle's license plate on file with FasTrak, a violation notice will be sent to you. To avoid receiving a violation notice, please mount your toll tag properly and keep your vehicle information updated. For more information, click to watch the "Keep It Movin' With Tag!" video.

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