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Note: If you are registering a toll tag that you recently picked up from a retail location, you must register it by clicking here.

If you would like to have a toll tag sent to you, you can enroll in a FasTrak account and order a toll tag online. You will need the following information before you begin the enrollment process:

License Plate Information More

You must know the make, model, year, and state of registration for each vehicle you want to register to your toll tag device.

Valid E-mail Address More

A valid e-mail address is required in order to enroll in a FasTrak account.

Credit Card Information (if using credit card for replenishment method) More

If you will be using a credit card as your replenishment method, you will need your full credit card number, expiration date, and 3-digit validation code (on the back of your credit card in the signature field).

Number of Interior/Exterior Tags you are requesting (if any) More

You will need a toll tag device for each vehicle you are registering to your new account.

An interior tag is mounted horizontally on the inside of your windshield using Velcro mounting strips.

An exterior tag is required for vehicles equipped with special windshields that contain metal in the glass that prevents the interior FasTrak tag from being read properly. Customers with these windshields must obtain exterior tags. There may be other vehicles that have specialized windshields as an option that may prevent a FasTrak tag from being read properly. If you are unsure about whether your vehicle has one of these windshields, contact the dealer where you purchased your car.

Effective Date More

When you enter an effective date, you are agreeing to be responsible for payment of tolls that occur after the effective date for vehicles registered to this account.

If you are opening this account to clear a previous violation notice(s), enter the date of the oldest violation as your effective date.

The effective date can be back-dated up to 90 days from day of enrollment.


When you get a new toll tag.

Pick up a new toll tag at select Walgreens, Costco and Safeway locations and FasTrak will give you free tolls.

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