How to Pay a Golden Gate Bridge Toll

The San Francisco Bay Area has eight toll bridges. The Golden Gate Bridge is operated separately from the other toll bridges and is the only toll bridge to implement all electronic tolling at this time. With the conversion to all electronic tolling, cash tolls on the Golden Gate Bridge will no longer be collected by toll collectors. Several new License Plate toll payment options are being introduced in addition to the existing FasTrak® toll payment option.

To learn about Golden Gate Bridge toll payment options see below.

To learn about all electronic tolling, including rental cars and cash payment locations, visit

Drivers crossing the Golden Gate Bridge have two payment choices. For most drivers, a FasTrak Account will be the most convenient option.

1. FasTrak Accounts

FasTrak Accounts are best suited for drivers who frequently cross the Golden Gate Bridge and don’t mind maintaining a small prepaid balance in order to take advantage of the $1 toll discount on the Golden Gate Bridge. FasTrak is the preferred payment method for most Bay Area drivers.

2. License Plate

License Plate Accounts are best suited for drivers who don’t want to keep a prepaid balance or don't want a toll tag, and don’t mind paying the non-discounted toll.

One-Time Payments are best suited for drivers who rarely cross the Golden Gate Bridge, visitors from out of the area, or those who prefer to pay by cash.

One-Time Payments may also be made at one of our Cash Payment Locations.

Although it’s easier to make one-time payments before you cross the Golden Gate Bridge, in the event you forget, one-time payments can also be made up to two days after crossing the Bridge.

Invoice Payments are best suited for drivers who don’t have a FasTrak or License Plate Account, and choose not to make a one-time payment. Invoices will be automatically mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle on file at the DMV. Outdated addresses can result in invoices escalating to toll violations. To avoid potential late fees, FasTrak® or License Plate payment options are recommended.

If an invoice is not paid by the due date, a toll violation notice will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle.

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