Mounting Instructions

Proper Toll Tag Mounting Information

As a FasTrak customer, you are responsible for mounting your toll tag properly. It must be mounted inside the vehicle at least 2" from top edge of windshield, horizontally, in the center behind mirror to ensure successful toll payment. Click here for alternative mounting locations.

FasTrak electronically collects tolls using a radio frequency system which “activates” your toll tag about 300 feet before the deduction is taken. Therefore, you cannot wait until the last minute to take the toll tag out of your glove compartment or wave it as you approach the toll plaza, since such actions interfere with the activation of the toll tag.

If your toll tag cannot be read, and you do not have your vehicle's license plate on file with FasTrak, a violation notice will be sent to you. To avoid receiving a violation notice, please mount your toll tag properly and keep your vehicle information updated. For more information, click to watch the "Keep It Movin' With Tag!" video.

Vehicle and Motorcycle Mounting Instructions

The FasTrak toll tag must be mounted properly before use. If the toll tag is not properly mounted, it may not work and may be unlawfully positioned*.

Step 1. Clean placement area on inside of windshield with isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) and allow to dry.
Step 2. Remove plastic tape from back of VelcroTM mounting strips on toll tag.
Step 3. Position toll tag as illustrated below based on your mirror type.
Step 4. Press toll tag firmly against the windshield glass.

Vehicle Mounting Diagram

Motorcycle Mounting Diagram

Exterior Toll Tag and Commercial Vehicle Mounting Instructions

Your exterior toll tag is designed to be attached to the front of your vehicle, on a flat surface. It is screw-mounted in the area on the front bumper where the license plate would normally be located.

Position the toll tag so that the mounting holes correspond to the top of the license plate area on the front bumper of the vehicle.

Note: If the license plate area on your vehicle is partially obstructed by an overhanging bumper, please call the FasTrak Customer Service Center for an alternate mounting location.

Exterior Toll Tag Mounting Diagram

Security Mounting Instructions

Your toll tag is equipped with tamper-resistant mounting screws with a unique Allen wrench for mounting. Make sure you keep the wrench in a secure place for future adjustment or removal of toll tag.

Step 1: Remove top two screws from license plate.
Step 2: Position toll tag so the mounting holes in the toll tag correspond to the top holes in the license plate area on the front bumper of the vehicle.
Step 3: Tighten tamper-resistant screws provided with the unique Allen wrench to secure toll tag to vehicle.

Security Mounting Diagram (mounting holes indicate top of toll tag for upright mounting)

*Amendment to SEC.77, Section 26708 of the Vehicle Code, permitting:

An electronic communication device affixed to the center uppermost portion of the interior of a windshield within an area that is not greater than 5 inches square, if the device provides either of the following:

(A) The capability for enforcement facilities of the Department of the California Highway Patrol to communicate with a vehicle equipped with the device.
(B) The capability for electronic toll and traffic management on public or private roads or facilities.

SEC. 77, Section 26708 of the Vehicle Code is amended to read:

Signs, stickers, or other materials which are displayed in a 7-inch square in the lower corner of the windshield farthest removed from the driver, signs, stickers, or other materials which are displayed in a 7-inch square in the lower corner of the rear window farthest removed from the driver, or signs, stickers, or other materials which are displayed in a 5-inch square in the lower corner of the windshield nearest the driver.


When you get a new toll tag.

Pick up a new toll tag at select Walgreens, Costco and Safeway locations and FasTrak will give you free tolls.

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