Retail Toll Tag Program

Bay Area FasTrak has added a new convenience: You can now open a new FasTrak account by picking up a toll tag from select Bay Area retail locations and registering it online or by phone.

It's easy...

Step 1: Purchase a toll tag from one of the select retail locations in the Bay Area.

Of the purchase price, $20 is held as a temporary deposit and the remaining balance is available as prepaid tolls for use immediately.

Step 2: Register your new toll tag immediately to a new or existing FasTrak account online or by phone at (877) 229-8655.

If you register your toll tag to an account that is automatically replenished by a credit card, the $20 deposit will be moved into your prepaid toll balance. If you register your toll tag to an account that is replenished by a cash/check payment, the $20 will remain as a refundable deposit.

Step 3: After you have completed the registration process, mount your toll tag in your vehicle and begin enjoying the benefits of FasTrak.

If you have any questions about retail toll tags, please contact the FasTrak Customer Service Center.

Image: Barrie Rokeach


When you get a new toll tag.

Pick up a new toll tag at select Walgreens, Costco and Safeway locations and FasTrak will give you free tolls.

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