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Metro ExpressLanes Clean Air Vehicles Rules Changing Mar. 1

February 24, 2020

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Metro ExpressLanes, which operates the I-10 and I-110 Metro ExpressLanes, is updating its Clean Air Vehicle (CAV) policy. Bay Area FasTrak customers will have to register their toll tag/license plate with LA Metro to receive the CAV discount. 

Beginning March 1, 2019 clean air vehicles (CAV) displaying a DMV-issued red or purple CAV decal can use the I-10 and I-110 Metro ExpressLanes and receive a 15% discount off of the posted rate. Eligible carpools with a FasTrak Flex (switchable) transponder can use the Metro ExpressLanes toll-free. 

All clean air vehicles must set the switch on their FasTrak transponder to indicate the actual number of people in the vehicle for a given trip. CAVs are no longer allowed to use the 2 or 3+ transponder switch settings unless that many persons are present in the vehicle. Any CAVs incorrectly using the 2 or 3+ switch setting without that many occupants in the vehicle will be subject to CHP citation. 

Eligibility requirements are different on the two ExpressLanes: 

  • On the I-10 Metro ExpressLanes, vehicles with three or more occupants travel toll-free at all hours. Vehicles with two occupants will only pay a toll during peak hours, Monday-Friday from 5-9am and 4-7pm. 
  • On the I-110 Metro ExpressLanes, vehicles with two or more occupants travel toll free at all hours. 
Bay Area FasTrak customers are not required to open a new account with Metro ExpressLanes, but they must register their vehicle to qualify for the CAV discount. Visit metro.net/expresslanes/cav(opens in a new window) to register your CAV. Please make sure you have proof of decal on hand as further information may be needed during registration. Non-Metro account holders are prohibited from using the registered transponder in any other vehicle when accessing the Metro ExpressLanes

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