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Getting a FasTrak toll tag is the most versatile way to pay tolls in the Bay Area. With a toll tag, you can use Bay Area Express Lanes, pay bridge tolls and avoid the need to keep track of invoices. Carpools, clean air vehicles and motorcycles can also receive toll discounts when using a FasTrak toll tag in express lanes.

Types of FasTrak Toll Tags

FasTrak offers three types of toll tags:

Illustrated graphic showing the FasTrak Flex tags

FasTrak Flex

Most vehicles just need a FasTrak Flex toll tag. This tag allows carpools and motorcycles to receive free or discounted tolls in express lanes.

Illustrated graphic showing the FasTrak CAV label

FasTrak CAV

Eligible clean air vehicles (CAVs) qualify for reduced tolls in express lanes when using the FasTrak CAV toll tag.

Illustrated graphic showing a FasTrak exterior toll tag

Exterior Toll Tag

Certain vehicles may have windshields or other features that block a windshield-mounted  toll tag from being read by tolling equipment. Find out if you need an exterior toll tag.

Each toll tag requires a $25 prepaid starting balance for tolls. FasTrak waives the $5 refundable security deposit for up to three tags per account if the account is set up for automatic replenishment.

Choosing the Right Toll Tag

Additional information about toll tags can be found in the FasTrak Toll Tag Guide:

FasTrak Toll Tag Guide

Paying Without a FasTrak Toll Tag

You can pay tolls with a License Plate Account, a Short-Term License Plate Account or an invoice. For more information on these options, view the Ways to Pay page.

Video: Getting a Toll Tag

Additional Toll Tags

You can order as many toll tags as you need when you open your FasTrak account. If you already have a valid FasTrak account, you can order additional toll tags by logging in to your account and selecting Tags & Vehicles or using our 24-hour automated phone line. You can also print and complete the Toll Tag Request Form [PDF] and send it to the FasTrak Customer Service Center. FasTrak requires a $5 security deposit for each toll tag above three per account.

Using Your New Toll Tag

Once your FasTrak account is open and you have your toll tag, follow the instructions for mounting the toll tag. It is illegal to hold up a toll tag with your hand while driving through a tollbooth. For more information, view the FasTrak Toll Tag Guide.

When properly mounted, your FasTrak toll tag allows you to pay tolls electronically at all FasTrak toll facilities [PDF] located on all Bay Area toll bridges and express lanes. FasTrak can also be used at some toll facilities in Southern California. View the locations FasTrak can be used.

Exchanging & Returning Toll Tags

The easiest way to replace a toll tag that is no longer working or exchange a FasTrak Standard toll tag for a FasTrak Flex is through your online FasTrak account. If you do not have an online account, you can set up an online account. You can also call the Customer Service Center at 877-BAY-TOLL (877-229-8655) to place an order or pick one up at a retail location .

To exchange your toll tag for a FasTrak CAV tag, visit our Clean Air Vehicles Guide.

Once your new toll tag arrives, return your old toll tag to the Customer Service Center by mail or drop it off at FasTrak’s San Francisco Walk-in Center. To return a toll tag by mail, please send it to:

FasTrak Customer Service Center
Toll Tag Return
PO Box 26927
San Francisco, CA 94126

FasTrak recommends certified or registered mail to ensure delivery. If you wish, you can put the toll tag into the mail without an envelope or postage. The mailing address is printed on the toll tag and return postage is guaranteed.  

If you were required to pay a security deposit when you ordered your toll tag(s), the deposit will be refunded to you when the Customer Service Center receives your returned toll tag.