All Bay Area Toll Bridges
A FasTrak toll tag pays tolls electronically on all eight toll bridges in the San Francisco Bay Area. It gives a $1 discount on the Golden Gate Bridge.
How FasTrak works
FasTrak Toll Tag
A properly mounted toll tag is detected.
An antenna detects the toll tag which beeps as you drive through. FasTrak electronically checks your account.
Account Status Display
The display shows one of the following:
Valid FasTrak - your account paid the toll
Account Low or Low Balance - you should increase your account's prepaid balance
Call FasTrak or Pay Toll - your account needs more funds to pay the required amount using FasTrak.
Cameras take pictures of the vehicle license plates as they pass through. In case a toll tag is not detected, the pictures are used to identify your vehicle and charge your account. They are also used to identify vehicles which cross without paying the toll as violators.
Bridge Toll Collection Point

Carpools Get Discounts
Carpools, vanpools, motorcycles and eligible clean air vehicles (CAV) can receive a discounted toll. Use the carpool lane with a FasTrak toll tag.
The Bay Bridge Toll Plaza's Bus Only/Carpool Lane
A carpool with a FasTrak toll tag may use this bypass lane during the posted carpool hours. However, at all other times this lane is for buses only and any other vehicle using it may incur a violation.
Multiple Bridge Commuter Discount

FasTrak users: If you make two commute-period trips on State-owned bridges in one day, you’ll get a discount on your second toll – 50 cents on a full toll or 25 cents on a carpool toll.


Only 2 axle vehicles are eligible.

Must use the same toll tag or same vehicle license plate for both tolls.

Must pay tolls with a Bay Area FasTrak account.

Maximum of 2 discounts per calendar day per toll tag or vehicle.


Commute periods defined as 5am-10am and 3 pm-7pm, Monday through Friday

The State owned bridges are: Antioch, Benicia-Martinez, Carquinez, Dumbarton, Richmond-San Rafael, San Francisco-Oakland Bay, and San Mateo-Hayward.

The Golden Gate Bridge is excluded from this discount.

Parking Garages Using FasTrak
The San Francisco International Airport (SFO) Long Term and Short Term parking facilities accept FasTrak for payment.
You can use FasTrak for parking at SFO if
  • You auto-pay your FasTrak account online by credit card
  • You opted-in to the FasTrak parking program:
    FasTrak will deduct a parking fee of $10.00 or less from your account balance. FasTrak will charge any parking fee greater than $10.00 directly to your credit card.
The opt-in setting can be found on the Account Settings page of your online account.
How it works at the garage
  • Display your toll tag for detection, usually mounted inside your windshield
  • Enter the FasTrak lane and stop before the gate
  • FasTrak reads your toll tag and the gate rises, but you will not receive any parking ticket
  • Proceed to park
  • To exit the garage, pull into a FasTrak lane and stop before the gate
  • FasTrak detects your toll tag, charges your account or credit card, and the booth machine displays confirmation or other account information
  • To open the exit gate, take your receipt from the booth machine
Parking fee concerns, questions, or disputes
Please Contact:
New South Parking
San Francisco International Airport
PO Box 280567, San Francisco, CA 94128
Phone: (650) 821-7903
Contact SFO
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Using Carpool Lanes
SF International Airport Parking FAQs