Toll Tag Basics

Do I own the FasTrak toll tag?

No. The toll tag is on loan to you by the FasTrak Customer Service Center. This is true even if you got the toll tag at a retail establishment. Your payment goes toward your initial prepaid balance to cover tolls and a possible $5 security deposit.

Is there a security deposit required for my toll tag(s)?

FasTrak requires a security deposit if you do not use a credit card as your primary method of payment or if you have more than three toll tags under one account.

For accounts that have a credit card stored for automatic replenishment, the security deposit is waived for up to three toll tags registered to your account. If your account has more than three toll tags, you will be charged a $5 refundable security deposit for each additional toll tag.

For accounts that replenish their balance manually (cash, check or money order), FasTrak requires a refundable deposit of $5 for each toll tag.

Automatic Replenishment (i.e., credit card) 

Number of Toll TagsOpening Prepaid BalanceRefundable Security Deposit
1 – 3$25 x number of toll tags$0
4+$25 x number of toll tags$5 x number of toll tags

Manual Replenishment (i.e., cash, check or money order)   

Opening Prepaid BalanceRefundable Security DepositTotal
$25 x number of toll tags$5 x number of toll tags= $30 x number of toll tags

If you close your account and return your toll tag(s) in good working condition, FasTrak will refund your deposit(s). Deposits may be forfeited for damaged, lost or stolen toll tags.

Can I switch my toll tag from vehicle to vehicle?

FasTrak Standard and FasTrak Flex toll tags can be moved from one vehicle to another as long as they are properly mounted in each vehicle, as described in the mounting instructions. FasTrak recommends that the information for each vehicle using the toll tag, including license plate number, make, and model, be listed on your account.  

However, your statement will not distinguish which car you were in when crossing the toll bridge or using the express lanes. For some customers, tracking their toll transactions is important. If you want to track your toll transactions by vehicle, you need to obtain a separate toll tag for each vehicle.

In addition, FasTrak recommends that you obtain a toll tag for each vehicle to avoid potential problems that can occur when sharing a toll tag between vehicles, such as losing the toll tag, having the toll tag in the wrong car when you need it, or wearing out the Velcro® strips that attach the toll tag to the windshield.  

You can request additional toll tags by logging into your account online and selecting Tags & Vehicles. You can also download and complete an Toll Tag Request Form and send it to the FasTrak Customer Service Center.   

A FasTrak Clean Air Vehicle (CAV) toll tag may only be used in the eligible CAV to which it is registered. If you have more than one eligible CAV, you must order a separate FasTrak CAV toll tag for each vehicle. Apply for the FasTrak CAV toll tag.

What do I do if my toll tag is not working?

To check if your FasTrak toll tag is working:

CHECK THE SIGN: When crossing a toll bridge, check the Driver Feedback Display at the toll plaza. If it doesn't say "VALID FASTRAK," your toll tag may be defective.

Note: There are no driver feedback displays on the Benicia-Martinez Bridge, nor are there any in express lanes.

CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT: Log in to your FasTrak account and check your transaction history to confirm the toll charges posted to your account. Transactions that show your license plate number indicate that the toll tag was not read or was not present.

If your toll tag isn’t working, call the Customer Service Center at 877-BAY-TOLL (877-229-8655) and speak to a customer service representative. A new toll tag and a pre-paid envelope will be mailed to you so you can return your old toll tag. If the new toll tag is defective, please return it to the FasTrak Customer Service Center and request a replacement at no additional cost.

Toll tags issued through September 2019 will beep when driving through a toll plaza or express lane. Toll tags issued after September 2019 will not beep. Serial numbers on the new toll tags begin with ‘101.’

What do I do if my FasTrak toll tag is lost or stolen?

If your toll tag is lost, your $5 security deposit will not be refunded. If the toll tag is stolen and you provide documentation (e.g., a police report), FasTrak may adjust the deposit.

If you immediately notify the FasTrak Customer Service Center, you will not be responsible for any unauthorized use of your toll tag after notification.