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You may have received a notice in the mail or viewed a notification in a Bay Area newspaper advising that you may have unclaimed property with FasTrak. FasTrak is looking for the owners of uncashed refund checks to provide them with an opportunity for repayment. If valid claims for repayment are not received, the refunds will become the property of the Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) through a process called escheatment (California Government Code Sections 50050-50056).

To determine if you have unclaimed property with FasTrak, you can perform a simple search below using your last name or business name.

If you find that you are entitled to a refund, submit a claim for repayment. A valid claim must be received by the FasTrak Customer Service Center no later than April 30, 2018. It must include:
  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Amount of the claim
  • The grounds on which your claim is founded
  • Any required supporting documentation
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