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I thought FasTrak was a free service. What am I paying for when I purchase a toll tag from a retail store?

The purchase price you pay at a retail store is used as a temporary security deposit until you go through the registration process and open an account. There are no fees to lease a tag, but depending on the account type, you may need to make a refundable security deposit.

If you register your toll tag and open a FasTrak account with a linked credit card, FasTrak will apply the full purchase price and any promotional tolls from the retail store to your account balance and waive the toll tag security deposit. However, if you fail to return the toll tag when you close your account, FasTrak will charge your credit card $5 as the security deposit.

If you register your toll tag and choose to manually replenish your account by cash, check or money order, $5 from the purchase price will be applied as the refundable toll tag security deposit. The rest of your purchase price will be applied toward your pre-paid toll account balance, along with any promotional tolls. When you return your toll tag at account closure, FasTrak will refund your security deposit.

Topic: Toll Tags