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How do I use FasTrak to pay for parking at San Francisco International Airport (SFO)?

You can pay for parking at SFO quickly and easily with your valid FasTrak account. There are no added fees to use FasTrak to pay for parking. Just use your toll tag upon entry and exit.

As you enter the parking lot, use the lane that displays the FasTrak logo (usually positioned in the far-left lanes). FasTrak will read your toll tag, the gate will rise and the date/time of entry will be recorded.

As you exit the lot, you will again drive through the lane identified by the FasTrak logo. FasTrak will read your toll tag, recording your time of exit. Stop at the exit device and read the payment screen. FasTrak will issue you a parking receipt, which you MUST take to open the exit gate.

Your parking fee will automatically be calculated using entry and exit dates and times. If the fee is $10.00 or less, FasTrak will deduct it from your prepaid account balance. Parking fees greater than $10.00 are charged directly to the primary credit card stored on your account. All transactions are captured on your FasTrak statement and can be viewed through your online account.

Topic: FasTrak Basics