Register a Toll Tag

Did you pick up a toll tag from a retail store? To use it, you'll need to activate it by registering it to an account.

If you're new to FasTrak, you will need the following information to open an account online. Free toll promotions will appear in your pre-paid account balance after completing the enrollment process. For security reasons, you will have 30 minutes to complete enrollment before your session times out.
Toll Tag Number & Validation Code

  • 10-Digit Toll Tag Number
  • 8-Character Validation Code

The toll tag number is located on the front side of the tag.

The validation code is located on the mounting strip on the back side of the tag and is alpha-numeric.

Email Address

  • A valid email address is required to register online.

Credit Card

  • A valid credit card is required to register online. If you want to open an account using cash or a check, you'll need to contact Customer Service for assistance.

Vehicle Information

  • Make, Model and Year
  • License Plate Number and State
  • Tip: You only need one vehicle to start with. More vehicles can be added or deleted once your account is set up.

Start Date

  • Most people use today's date as the start date.
  • You can backdate the start of your account up to 90 days before today. By setting a start date in the past, you are accepting responsibility for any tolls associated with the vehicle during that time period.

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