All Electronic Tolling by FasTrak license plate recognition makes it quicker to cross the Golden Gate Bridge southbound into San Francisco. There is no stopping to pay tolls. You must use one of the payment options below to pay the toll.
Ways to Pay the Golden Gate Bridge Toll
One Time Payment
You have 48 hours to pay after your toll crossing. You can also set up toll payments for crossings that you plan to make within the next 30 days. Otherwise, if no account exists, we will send an invoice to the vehicle's registered owner. This is a good choice for visitors and rental vehicle users.
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Cash Payment Locations
Pay by Phone
Use FasTrak
A FasTrak toll tag will deduct the toll from your account. If you need a toll tag, sign up here to receive by mail. Or purchase one from a retail store and register it for immediate use. Receive a $1 discount for each Golden Gate Bridge toll. This is the preferred choice for commuters and frequent users. It is required for carpools to receive discounted tolls.
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License Plate Account
If you make multiple crossing on the Golden Gate Bridge southbound into San Francisco, consider opening a License Plate Account to pay tolls. However, this account type does not receive the FasTrak $1 discount for each Golden Gate Bridge toll. This is a good choice for those who cross occasionally and don't want a toll tag. This is not recommended for rental vehicle users.
Open License Plate Account
By Invoice
You can wait to receive an invoice for your toll, at no extra charge. We will mail it to the vehicle's registered owner within a few days of crossing the Golden Gate Bridge southbound into San Francisco, if the toll has not been paid through another payment option. The first invoice is sent approximately a week after crossing for CA plates, longer for some out of state plates.
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Rental Vehicle Users
Most rental companies provide a service plan to pay your Golden Gate Bridge and other Bay Area tolls electronically. These plans charge a convenience fee plus the tolls. You can opt in or opt out. Learn more about Rental Vehicles Paying Tolls at the Golden Gate Bridge.
A One Time Payment is the best option for rental vehicle users
If you choose to pay by One Time Payment, pay the toll in advance or within 48 hours of crossing the bridge southbound into San Francisco. Otherwise the rental company will pay the toll and may charge you an additional service fee.
Rental Vehicle FAQs
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