Express Lanes

Express lanes are designated lanes that can be used during heavy traffic to bypass congestion. Express lanes are usually located on the far-left side of select major freeway corridors (described below) and are indicated with white text on the pavement and electronic signage above the roadway.

Cost and Methods of Payment

Carpools, motorcycles and clean air vehicles (CAVs) can use express lanes toll free or at a discount. Solo drivers can also use express lanes by paying a fee. The toll is variable, depending on real-time traffic conditions, and is displayed on overhead signs.

Tolling is effective in all Bay Area Express Lanes from 5 am - 8 pm, Monday through Friday. Outside of these hours, express lanes are open to all traffic toll free.

All vehicles must have a valid FasTrak toll tag to use express lanes during tolling (operating) hours.

Eligible low-income residents may qualify for discounted tolls on I-880 Express Lanes. Apply for the Express Lanes START discount.

See the details of each express lane location to see requirements for a toll discount, or visit FasTrak's Carpooling Guide.

Express LaneFasTrak FlexFasTrak CAV
(Clean Air Vehicle)
Hours: 5 am-8 pm
Monday – Friday
Solo Driver2 People3+ PeopleSolo Driver2 People3+ People
I-580Full TollFREEFREEHalf-Price TollFREEFREE
SR-237Full TollHalf-Price TollFREEHalf-Price TollHalf-Price TollFREE
I-680 SunolFull TollFREEFREEHalf-Price TollFREEFREE
I-680 Contra CostaFull TollFREEFREEHalf-Price TollFREEFREE
I-880Full TollHalf-Price TollFREEHalf-Price TollHalf-Price TollFREE
101 San MateoFull TollHalf-Price TollFREEHalf-Price TollHalf-Price TollFREE
101/SR-85 Santa ClaraFull TollHalf-Price TollFREEHalf-Price TollHalf-Price TollFREE
(Drivers with a Standard toll tag will be charged full toll in Bay Area Express Lanes regardless of number of occupants.)

Express Lane Locations

Maps, carpool requirements and tolling information for each Bay Area express lane can be found at the following links:

More express lanes are being built around the San Francisco Bay Area, so please check back for more information. 

FasTrak can also be used on certain express lanes and toll roads in Southern California

Using Express Lanes

Please use the following tips to avoid common mistakes when traveling in Bay Area Express Lanes. 

You must only enter and exit express lanes at dashed or broken lines on the roadway.

Express Lane Diagram 1

Some highway exits may not be available when driving in an express lane. Check roadside signs for details.

Express Lane Diagram 3

For example, on Westbound I-580, you must leave the express lane before Hacienda if you want to exit at Dougherty or to access I-680. On Eastbound I-580, it is recommended that you do not enter the express lane if you need to exit at Santa Rita or Fallon/El Charro.

Do not cross the double white lines to enter or leave an express lane. Crossing them is a traffic violation.

Express Lane Diagram 2