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How does the express lane toll system work?

Express lanes use FasTrak for the electronic collection of tolls. Overhead electronic pricing signs display the toll rate to use the express lanes to specific destinations.

There are no tollbooths or traffic gates, and you don't need to slow down or stop to provide a toll payment. Only a valid FasTrak account and a properly mounted and set toll tag are required to use the express lanes.

The toll system is fully electronic. Roadside equipment recognizes the FasTrak tag, records the transaction and transmits the information to the FasTrak Customer Service Center to automatically deduct the toll from the account holder's prepaid balance.

Tolls are only collected during the posted express lane hours of operation. Outside of the hours of operation, the overhead signage will display "OPEN TO PUBLIC." Any vehicle may use the lane toll free during these times, regardless of whether they have a FasTrak account.

Topic: FasTrak Basics