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What is a toll tag (or transponder?) and how does it work?

A toll tag (or transponder) is a small, battery-powered device that transmits a radio signal. The lane equipment reads the tag information and the number of axles on your vehicle. This information determines the correct toll and deducts the amount from your account balance. The time, date and location are collected as well.

Note: Specific vehicle models may require a toll tag that is externally mounted to the license plate also referred to as an exterior toll tag). If your vehicle is manufactured with a metal oxide windshield, FasTrak recommends an externally mounted toll tag. View the list of vehicles with metal oxide windshields. If your vehicle has a flat, vertical windshield or if there is any metal hanging over the windshield such as a visor or storage rack, FasTrak also recommends an externally mounted toll tag. Call the FasTrak Customer Service Center to determine if your vehicle may need an externally-mounted toll tag.

Topic: FasTrak Basics