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How FasTrak works

  • FasTrak Toll Tag
    A properly mounted toll tag is detected.
  • Antenna
    An antenna detects the toll tag which beeps as you drive through. FasTrak electronically checks your account.
  • Account Status Display
    The display shows one of the following:
    Valid FasTrak - your account paid the toll
    Account Low or Low Balance - you should increase your account's prepaid balance
    Call FasTrak or Pay Toll - your account needs more funds to pay the required amount using FasTrak.
  • Cameras
    Cameras take pictures of the vehicle license plates as they pass through. In case a toll tag is not detected, the pictures are used to identify your vehicle. If you have an account with FasTrak, your account will be charged. If you do not have an account, a toll invoice will be mailed to the address registered with your license plate. Express lane users without a FasTrak or License Plate Account will receive a toll evasion notice with associated penalties.