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How to Mount a Toll Tag on a Motorcycle

Mount the toll tag inside your windshield so that it will be easily detected and positioned safely and lawfully.

  1. Identify where to mount your tag inside your windshield. See the illustration.
  2. Clean the glass on the inside of your windshield for the placement area.
  3. Remove the plastic tape from the back of the Velcro mounting strips on the toll tag.
  4. Position and press the toll tag firmly against the glass.

FasTrak is not responsible for a lost toll tag due to the toll tag not adhering to the motorcycle windshield.

Other secure locations

Place the toll tag where it will be secure and be detected, such as:

  • In your clothing front pocket, since the antennae can read a toll tag through many materials
  • Inside a cycle net draped over the gas tank, or elsewhere on the top part of the vehicle

Don't hold up the toll tag
It is illegal to hold up a toll tag up by hand while driving through a toll collection point.