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Can I purchase more than one toll tag from a retail store, but only open one new FasTrak account?

Yes. You can have one FasTrak account with multiple toll tags. All you need to do is to enroll in a new account using one of the retail toll tags. At the completion of the enrollment process, print out the confirmation page that identifies your new FasTrak account number. You will need it for the next step. Using the Add a Tag to An Existing Account function, add the other retail toll tags to your account.

NOTE: If you link your FasTrak account to a valid credit card, your account will automatically be replenished as needed. FasTrak will also waive the security deposit for up to 3 toll tags on your account. If your account has more than 3 tags, FasTrak will charge a $5 refundable security deposit for each additional toll tag.

If you open an account using cash, check or money order, FasTrak requires a $5 refundable security deposit per toll tag. You are responsible for adding more money to your account when the pre-paid toll balance gets low.

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