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How do I return a toll tag that I purchased from a retail store?

All toll tags must be returned to the FasTrak Customer Service Center. Even a brand-new toll tag in its original packaging must be returned to the Customer Service Center, not to the retail store where it was purchased.

If you have not completed the enrollment process with the toll tag or added it to an existing account yet, you must do so before you can return it. This step is necessary, so we know where to send any refund amount. Or you can return the toll tag in person at the in-person counter of the Customer Service Center.

First, complete the enrollment process. Then request your account be closed by completing and submitting an Account Closure Form. Return your retail toll tag, in person or by mail, to the Customer Service Center. If you are returning the toll tag by mail, FasTrak recommends sending the toll tag by certified or registered mail.

Topic: Toll Tags