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How do I replace a toll tag that is no longer working or exchange it for a different type of toll tag?

If you have a standard FasTrak toll tag and need to exchange it for a FasTrak Flex, you can do it online.

Log in to your FasTrak account. Click on "Vehicles & Tags," then "Order A Toll Tag." Enter the number of FasTrak Flex toll tags you would like to order and complete the process to submit your order. You can return your standard toll tag to the Customer Service Center by mail. If you are mailing a toll tag, we recommend that you use certified or registered mail to ensure delivery. However, if you wish, you also can put the toll tag into the mail without an envelope or postage. The mailing address is already written on the toll tag and the post office will deliver the toll tag to us.

Toll Tag Security Deposit
The toll tag you order may require a security deposit. When the Customer Service Center receives a toll tag back from you, we will adjust your security deposit accordingly.

If you need to exchange your toll tag for a FasTrak CAV tag, visit our Clean Air Vehicles page.

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