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One-Time Payment

Pay Your Toll Invoice or Violation Notice here.

One-Time Payment is NOT for paying a toll invoice or violation notice. One-Time Payment is a temporary account to pay bridge tolls for a specific period of time. It can only be used to pay a toll if you crossed a bridge in the last 48 hours or to pay future tolls up to 30 days in advance. If you want to pay a toll invoice, go here.

Your vehicle's license plate number will be used to link to your payment. If you do not have a license plate yet, you can still pay your tolls by providing other identifying information.

When to Pay

You have 48 hours to pay after your recent toll crossing, or we will send an invoice for the toll amount to the registered owner of the vehicle. You can set up payment for future toll crossings that you plan to make within the next 30 days.

Pay Recent Toll
Specify a past date of toll crossing(s). You can also set up payment for planned future tolls.
Pay Future Toll
Specify a date range for planned toll crossing(s) up to 30 days from today.

Be ready with your vehicle license plate number, state of registration, and credit card information.

No License Plate on Vehicle

If you have a vehicle without a license plate, you can provide its make, model, year, number of axles, and optionally its VIN, to pay a future toll.

Be ready with your vehicle's make, model, and year and credit card information.