License Plate Accounts

Note: A License Plate Account is NOT for paying a toll invoice or violation notice. Pay a toll invoice or violation notice.

Long-Term License Plate Accounts

If you regularly travel over Bay Area toll bridges but do not want a FasTrak toll tag, a License Plate Account may be a good option. License Plate Accounts are not recommended for rental vehicles and cannot be used in express lanes. 

You will need the following information to create an account:

Valid Email Address

A valid email address is required to create a License Plate Account.

Payment Method

A valid credit card is the easiest method of payment. To pay with cash, you can visit one of our cash payment locations to add funds to your account after you’ve enrolled. To pay by check, mail your payment to the Customer Service Center along with your account number.

License Plate Information

You must have the license plate number and state for each vehicle you want to register.
For security reasons, you will have 30 minutes to complete the signup process before your session times out.

Short-Term License Plate Accounts

A Short-Term License Plate Account is a temporary account to pay bridge tolls for a specific period of time. It can be used to pay tolls for Bay Area bridge crossings incurred within the last 48 hours or for future tolls up to 30 days in advance. Short-Term License Plate Accounts cannot be used to pay express lane tolls and do not allow you to travel in the carpool lane on Bay Area bridges.

Rental vehicles may use a Short-Term License Plate Account if the rental company does not offer a toll payment plan or you opt not to use it. Learn more about paying tolls in a rental vehicle

Your vehicle’s license plate number will be linked to your payment account. If you do not have a license plate yet, you can still pay recent or future tolls by providing other identifying information.

Specify a date range for planned toll crossings up to 30 days in advance.

Specify dates of toll crossing/s that occurred within the past 48 hours. You can also set up payment for planned future toll crossings.

Be ready with your vehicle's make, model and year and credit card information.