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Rental Vehicles

Travelers using a rental vehicle have a number of options for paying tolls at Bay Area bridges and in express lanes.

Rental Company Plan

Most rental companies provide a service plan to pay tolls. These plans usually cover most types of tolls but may not cover all, such as certain express lanes. Many plans charge a convenience fee in addition to the tolls you incur. Usually you are asked to "opt in" to such a plan. This is a good option if you would like to avoid additional steps when traveling through Bay Area toll bridges and express lanes. Please see our FAQs related to rental vehicles.

Pay with Cash

On all Bay Area toll bridges except the Golden Gate Bridge, you may pay with cash at designated "CASH" tollbooths. Please note that cash payments are not accepted in express lanes or on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Pay with FasTrak

If you are using a rental vehicle and have an existing FasTrak account and toll tag, you can simply log into your account and add the rental vehicle license plate number to your Registered Vehicle list and mount the toll tag to the windshield of your rental vehicle. Set the effective START and END dates to reflect the period you will be using the rental vehicle. Your account will be charged each time your rental vehicle crosses any toll bridge during this period.

If you do not have an existing FasTrak account but would like to set one up for use in your rental vehicle, consider setting up a one-time payment account using your rental vehicle license plate. This is a good choice for drivers who will only cross bridges occasionally. Visit our Get FasTrak page to set up a one-time payment account. Once your account is set up, cameras at the toll plaza locations will record images of your license plate as your rental vehicle passes through. FasTrak will then electronically assess the toll to your account.

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